ECBIP 2021 Sponsors’ Acknowledgement

Exhibitors and other Sponsors

Sponsors acknowledgement section will be updated and made available soon, to include industry supporters of the ECBIP 2021 Hybrid edition.


Launched in 2000 in Marseille – France, MediSurge is deeply involved in Interventional Pulmonology (IP) and Thorax fields.

We supply the following lines worldwide:

  • MediSurge Bronchoscopy instruments:
  • A unique range of forceps and instruments dedicated to IP. Our offer covers all the users needs and is today the most complete on the markets
  • Disposable accessories:
    • Scaled Suction Catheters
    • Bronchoscope tubes and bases cleaning brushes
    • Biopsy / Sampling devices
  • Protection / Sterilisation baskets:
    • Adult Bronchoscope sets
    • Stent placement sets
    • Rigid optics protection
  • Rigid Bronchoscopes for Adult and pediatric
  • Biolitec Lasers for Thorax and Bronchoscopy use:
  • As a specialist in this field, we act for Biolitec for years now and are their partner for this field of application.

    We are proud to promote their Leonardo line.

    MediSurge, will be pleased to welcome you on our stand during ECBIP2020 to present our products.